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Video Testimonials

  • Video - Nakowicz Financial Services Accountant

    Nakowicz Financial Services

    Yodle has produced a lot of paying customers and we have seen a favorable return on our investment.
  • Video - Michigan Animal Control Animal Control

    Michigan Animal Control

    I trust Yodle to do my online marketing and, by golly, they do it.
  • Video - Technical Spray Services Animal Control

    Technical Spray Services

    Let Yodle take you on as a client and they'll do good work for you.
  • Video- P &  M Services Inc. Arborist

    P & M Services Inc.

    The benefits of being able to easily upload photos and get reviews through Yodle has been astronomical.
  • Video - Outer Banks Mobile Engine Auto Repair

    Outer Banks Mobile Engine

    I have a lot of friends that have businesses and I’ve already told them about Yodle because I did it, and it worked.
  • Video - St Cloud Chiropractic Chiropractor

    St. Cloud Chiropractic

    The bottom line is, Yodle has improved my bottom line, and there's nothing better than that.
  • Video - West Hills Chiropractic Chiropractor

    West Hills Chiropractic

    We've been tracking all of our sales through the Yodle dashboard and it's very easy to use.
  • Video - Maid Pro Cleaning Service

    Maid Pro

    I'm getting 95% of my business through Yodle and how they place me on the internet.
  • Video - Merry Maids 2013 Cleaning Service

    Merry Maids

    Always, myself or my team can get in touch with the right person at Yodle to make things happen.
  • Video - A Brighter Outlook Cleaning Service

    A Brighter Outlook

    I was pleasantly surprised. Once Yodle got my website up, the calls and emails started coming in.
  • Video - Hogan-Kimrey Attorneys at Law Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Hogan-Kimrey Attorneys at Law

    The customer service at Yodle has been great.
  • Video - Saller and Bishop Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Saller and Bishop

    In the first few days I already saw a return on my investment. We reached customers we've never been able to reach before.
  • Video - Sensible Dental Dentist

    Sensible Dental/Bluebonnet Dental

    One of the best things about them has been their customer service.
  • Video - Now Dental of Suffolk Dentist

    Now Dental of Suffolk

    We probably get between 10-12 new patients per month.
  • Video - Nicholas Gistaro Dentist

    Nicholas M. Gistaro, D.M.D

    They've increased my phone volume tenfold, and we've had great return on investment.
  • Video - Patient Friendly Dental Dentist

    Patient Friendly Dental

    Within the first week, we got a lot of phone calls, and those phone calls turned into patients
  • Video- Lechlitner Door Sales & Service Inc. Garage Door Contractor

    Lechlitner Door Sales & Service Inc.

    As soon as our ad went online, I generated $3,000 worth of additional sales
  • Video - Miracle-Ear Hearing Center


    Yodle has optimized all of our online marketing for both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Video - BurtonWright Mechanical HVAC Contractor

    BurtonWright Mechanical

    Yodle has helped me out greatly when it comes to growing my business.
  • Video - Air Quality Specialists HVAC Contractor

    Air Quality Specialists

    Yodle makes it really simple to track my customers and where the calls are coming from. They make it very easy for my customers to find me.
  • Video Testimonial - Junk Depot Junk Removal

    Junk Depot

    I love what Yodle has done for my company. It's definitely worth the investment.
  • Video - All Pro Lawnscapes Landscaping

    All Pro Lawnscapes

    For other small businesses, I would definitely recommend Yodle, you will start to see a return on your dollar like I did.
  • Video - Brown Law Firm Lawyer

    Brown Law Firm

    I probably get back 2 to 3 times what I spend on online marketing.
  • Video - Carley Law Lawyer

    Carley Law

    My favorite thing about Yodle is that they provide plenty of business calls and contacts to me.
  • Video - Steele Legal Group Lawyer

    Steele Legal Group

    Yodle sends me 10 to 30 paying clients a month.
  • Video - Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter Lawyer

    Law Office of Laura A. Carpenter

    Yodle has given us 400 calls a month, other companies just can't compete with what Yodle is giving us right now.
  • Video - Stone Pro Masonry

    Stone Pro

    My favorite thing about Yodle, is the fact that I don't have to do anything to make it work.
  • Video - Bee-Lite Weight Loss Medical Weight Loss Center

    Bee-Lite Weight Loss

    With Yodle, we are able to pinpoint where our clients are coming from.
  • Video - SA Sterling Group Mortgage

    SA Sterling Group

    I look at Yodle as my business partner, because without them, I can't get my phones to ring as often as I have.
  • Video - Winterwood Mortgage Group Mortgage

    Winterwood Mortgage Group

    We see about 500-700% ROI with Yodle.
  • Video - Oasis Moving Mover

    Oasis Moving

    From the leads and the phone calls, we have increased our business by at least 30%.
  • Video - Advanced Pest Control Testimonial Pest Control

    Advanced Pest Control

    About 90% of our bed bug business… comes through our Yodle advertising.
  • Video - Adams Extermination Pest Control

    Adams Extermination

    Our experience with Yodle has been really good. It really impacted our business, we've seen a lot of growth and our leads and sales increased.
  • Video - Lexington Plastic Surgeons Plastic Surgeon

    Lexington Plastic Surgeons

    Yodle has helped us to zero in and target the right people, increasing our sales leads tremendously.
  • Video - Southern Surgical Arts Plastic Surgeon

    Southern Surgical Arts

    Our experience with Yodle's customer service has been absolutely awesome.
  • Video - Shorty’s Plumbing Plumber

    Shorty's Plumbing

    As a business owner, it helps you keep track of where your money is going and what's working.
  • Video - PT Plumbing Plumber

    PT Plumbing

    I get at least 1 or 2 Yodle leads a day, for an average of about 50 or 60 Yodle calls a month.
  • Video - Home Inspection Services Property Inspector

    Home Inspection Services

    Right after I signed up with Yodle I got a call within an hour, I was impressed!
  • Video - Berger Home Services Roofer

    Berger Home Services

    Since we've started using Yodle, our business has probably doubled. It's paying for itself tenfold and we have no regrets about signing up.
  • Video - Alex Roofing and Remodeling Roofer

    Alex Roofing and Remodeling

    Give Yodle a chance, and they're going to help you reach your goal.
  • Video - Gary M Forrest LMFT Therapist

    Gary M Forrest, LMFT

    Yodle is like having an outsourced marketing department for our practice, a one-stop shop for all of our advertising needs
  • Video - Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP Workers Compensation Lawyer

    Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP

    The future that I see with Yodle and Google™ is very bright.
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