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“The benefits of being able to easily upload photos and get reviews through Yodle has been astronomical.”

- Corey Phillips

Video Transcript

My name is Corey Phillips. I'm the owner of P&M Tree Service. My biggest marketing challenges before Yodle was I wasn't getting enough exposure. Using Yodle, they really put your business on the map. I decided to sign up with Yodle because I love their program. I loved everything about the tools that they were offering; I just thought it was for me. Of course, people are going to be skeptical; it's a new adventure. They don't want to make a mistake, but I definitely made the right choice with signing up with Yodle.

My Yodle experience has been unbelievable. We've received 30 more calls in 1 month. We're getting 70% good leads. It has doubled or tripled our business. I love our adversite. It's easy to use. Some of the features hat I like about it are being able to upload photos, collect reviews from clients, and just the outline of the whole site is just great. The benefits of being able to upload and get reviews easily through Yodle has been astronomical. Not only am I just taking pictures of the job while we're doing it, I take pictures before and after, and then I get a review once we finish, so now people can actually see that you can see the review written by the client, and also what we did for the client. We've collected 23 reviews in 30 days. It's easy, simple, and it gives your company great credibility.

I would definitely increase my spend with Yodle. The returns that we've seen and exposure we have gotten from Yodle has been amazing. If you're a small business owner hesitant about Yodle, I would tell you to go ahead and do it. It works, you need to dive into it. You need to use the tools that Yodle provides for you, and you will see a huge difference.

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