Limousine Service

Fast Break Car Service

Client Name: Steve Zipman

Location: Ronkonkoma, NY


Steve Zipman needed a way to cost effectively generate new customers after recently opening his own car service. Find out how Yodle made this happen for Fast Break Car Service.

Seasoned Professional, New Business

Steve Zipman started Fast Break Car Service, his own New York-based company, about five years ago.

After 20 years of hard work in the business, he was ready to bring his established client base from his previous jobs and become his own boss.

However, Steve realized over a period of time that although his faithful customers were standing by him, he would need more than that to succeed alone. Steve then began seeking some additional support with getting new business.

Driving Leads

Before signing up with Yodle, Steve had a $300 budget for Google AdWords™ but only received “drips and drabs.” He had also placed an ad in the phone book and even worked with another online marketing vendor, both of which failed to get the results he needed. Steve then got a call from Yodle and decided to sign up. He immediately saw the difference with Yodle's approach.

“It took only one day for Yodle to build my website. It took the other vendor two months!”

It wasn't only the turnaround time for the website that Steve was impressed with. Yodle was driving a significant number of leads for his business. One day, Steve received five calls in an hour and a half. Yodle was clearly the partner he needed to push his business in the right direction.

The Right Direction

When Steve began seeing the calls come in, he decided to invest some extra money to further drive results. Steve consulted with his Yodle representative and together they tried new ways to generate more leads such as expanding the radius of his campaign.

This targeted and increased level of online marketing has further increased the leads that Steve has received, resulting in him getting 84 phone calls just last month.

That's 12 times the phone calls per month he received with his ad in the phone book.

Another thing Steve loves about Yodle? The customer service. “Yodle is very thorough,” said Steve. “There are some things I don't know but you guys are steering me in the right direction.”

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