Glass Contractor

C&C Glass

Client Name: Chris Vena

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Family Legacy

There was no question for Chris Vena that he would work in glass – it's in the family blood. He had worked in the glass industry since he was a kid, helping his father during summers and weekends. When his father decided to retire, Chris even worked at his cousin's shop for a few years. Then in 2010, he decided it was time to branch out and open his own shop.

Chris started C&C Glass, a full service company providing window repair and installation, emergency services, shower doors, and commercial repair work.

Chris takes tremendous pride in what he does and particularly enjoys “interacting with my customers. I think my favorite part is seeing the look on their faces when we've done a great job.”

However, Chris soon realized that as a business owner, he was facing some new challenges, not of least of which was marketing.

A Solution Closer to Home

Chris initially had no marketing budget to speak of but he still needed to find a way to attract new customers. He initially tried to scrape up work wherever he could and managed to drum up some new jobs through word of mouth. These new jobs allowed him to put some money aside to spend on marketing. Chris began trying all types of channels including an ad in the phone book, radio advertising, and online lead aggregators. Unfortunately, any jobs he received were for simple repairs far from his neighborhood.

That's when he decided to try Yodle.

“I needed a marketing solution that would generate higher end jobs and allow us to expand to neighborhoods closer to mine,” explained Chris. “It seemed like Yodle could do that for me.”

The Right Calls

And Yodle did exactly that. Yodle generates between 30 to 50 calls every month for C&C Glass and over half of them turn into new business. Just as importantly, Yodle is generating the exact types of jobs that Chris is looking for.

“I get a ton of shower door jobs near our neighborhood, which brings in a lot of money for us. I definitely receive higher quality customers with Yodle than through any other advertising.”

Chris is also impressed with the level of service he receives from Yodle and how frequently he has the opportunity to speak to the company's consultants.

Overall Chris is very happy with Yodle and is impressed with the number of jobs that he has received from online marketing even during his slow season. He comments: “I can't wait to see what they do for me next!”

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