Dumpster Rental

K & S Construction Dumpster Rentals

Client Name: Darrell Kiker

Location: Houston, TX

Website: www.kandsdumpsterrentals.com

A New Opportunity

Darrell Kiker, owner of K & S Construction Dumpster Rentals, got started in dumpster rental after spending 33 years in roofing. A recent hurricane in the Houston area forced many residents to buy new roofs in recent years.

Although business was going strong for some time, a steady lull following the spike in new work left Darrell seeking a change of pace.

Having already purchased a couple of dumpster trucks to utilize when installing roofs, he realized he could make a profit by renting them out. Shortly thereafter, he expanded to demolition and concrete removal in addition to dumpster rental.

Trial and Error

However, starting a completely new business after 33 years wasn't easy.

Being known in the neighborhood for roofing, he began using word of mouth to get the dumpster business moving. He soon realized that he wasn't doing enough to get the results he needed.

“I tried using Yellow Pages, but it didn't do anything,” explains Darrell. He also invested in radio advertising, but that didn't help much either. Then he received an opportune call from Yodle.

Finding the Right Solution

Darrell is ecstatic about the results Yodle generated for K & S Construction Dumpster Rentals. “I received over 67 calls in just a few months and 70% of them have turned into business for me,” says Darrell. The impact Yodle's had on the business is striking.

“I had 364 dumpster jobs before I used Yodle. A year after signing up, I had 1024 dumpster jobs,” explains Darrell.

“I'd say 600 of those were from Yodle. Yodle has been a huge thing for me.”

Darrell is also pleased with the level of service he receives from Yodle. Darrell says, “They're great. If I have a question or issue, my marketing consultant responds quickly and professionally.” He also makes use of Yodle's reporting dashboard and appreciates that performance reports are proactively sent to him so he can track his investment anytime.

K & S Construction Dumpster Rentals really picked up steam with the help of Yodle and Darrell couldn't be happier. “I definitely plan on using Yodle for the foreseeable future.”

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