Pure Salon Spa

“Yodle generated calls for me almost immediately after signing up and has resulted in many, many new guests for my salon.”

- Laura Watkins

Pure Salon Spa

Laura Watkins, owner of Pure Salon Spa, knew she wanted to continue the expansion of her business year after year but felt she had exhausted every avenue of marketing. She signed up with Yodle because she felt like it was a fresh way to drive new business to her salon and build an online identity for her brand. In less than 4 months, Yodle brought in over 2,300 leads and continues to help her salon evolve.

Video Transcript

My name is Laura Watkins, and I own Pure Salon Spa in Louisville, Kentucky. Our biggest marketing challenge was figuring out year after year how to increase transactions. One of the major components to this is driving new guests into the salon. I signed up for Yodle because I was really looking for something new. I was really tired of doing print or radio and other marketing initiatives where I didn't think I could really measure the response I was getting. Or I wasn't attracting the ideal guest into the salon that we were looking for.

I feel like my Yodle experience has been fantastic. Since we signed up in January, I have gotten about 2,300 leads from the service. What we've been able to determine is about 20% of those actually are new guests who make an appointment to the salon. When I look at my investment per month in Yodle and how much it's generating as far as new guests are concerned, I'm looking at about $15 in acquisition costs for each new guest that comes in, and I'm really thrilled with that.

I really like the adversite because it is fully customizable. I can put my information on there. It lists very specifically all of the services that we offer, which really helps a guest when they're searching. When they call to make an appointment, they're all very specifically about the service that they're looking for. I love that we can add pictures and add things that really make it custom to my business. I would definitely encourage other businesses to sign up with Yodle for marketing. It has generated calls for me almost immediately as I signed up, and has resulted in many, many new guests for my salon.

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