Martha's Morehair Beauty Supply & Premiere Salons

“Yodle helped me build an internet presence faster than any other company I have ever tried.”

- Martha Watts

Martha's Morehair Beauty Supply & Premiere Salons

Martha Watts, owner of Martha's Morehair Beauty Supply & Premiere Salons, was having difficulty juggling her marketing efforts with the daily tasks of running a small business. Within just months of signing up with Yodle, Martha successfully merged all of her social media channels and began receiving nearly five times more leads to her business.

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Martha Watts and I''m CEO, stylist, and manager at Martha''s Morehair Beauty Supply & Premiere Salons. We are a family-based salon and we offer an array of services for multicultural styling: straight, wavy, curly and kinky hair. One of the biggest challenges in marketing has been linking all these different medias together: Google, YellowPages, Facebook only to name a few.

When Yodle called I was reluctant to add anything more to my chores, especially when I just wasn''t seeing the results. I was skeptical but my representative at Yodle was exceptional. He was more than patient and saw that I was frustrated with all my previous efforts. I was really struggling to connect with my demographics, but then when Yodle launched my adversite they showed me. We were able to build an internet presence faster than any other media source I had tried.

With our new adversite we receive at least five extra phone calls per day. With new clients wanting to book, with reviews of our services, and pictures of our staff, we are better to inform and impress our future clients. I intend to use Yodle''s staff as a means to improve my Facebook and Google presence so that I can clean up all the things that I started with. If I could give advice to other small businesses out there, I would say try Yodle. Keep an open mind and you''ll see the results.

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