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Drive Calls & Emails

Yodle drives the right visitors to your business through search advertising – and those visitors convert to calls and emails.

We optimize your web presence using methods like these:

  • Citation Network – We distribute your information on over 40 different search engines and directories—including Google Places™, Yahoo! Local, and CitySearch–where clients can access your information and contact you when they need an appointment.
  • Mobile – We list you on our preferred search partners Google™, Yahoo!, and Bing (where over 95% of mobile searches are executed).
  • Analytics – We look at the performance of over 40,000 local businesses to learn what works faster and better than anyone else, and put that knowledge to work for you.
  • Constant monitoring – Our staff of marketing experts monitors your account on a regular basis and quickly makes any necessary changes to ensure optimal marketing performance.

We Use Effective Paid Search Techniques and Technology

In addition to our SEO methods, we use our expertise in paid search to run ads for your business that work to generate qualified calls and emails (not just clicks) for your marketing dollars. And we do it fast – we launch your ads the day after you sign up with Yodle.

Diverse Ad Placements and Formats

The most effective ad placements for your business may come from the major search engines – or they may not. We use our proprietary algorithm to determine the combination of placements and formats for your particular business. Across all of our 35,000+ customers, we place 75% of our ads on Google AdWords™ and 25% on Yodle’s own network of 75 sites.

Complex Decisions – Made Simple for You

When we determine the right combination of ad placements and formats for you, we have data to make optimal decisions across many complex factors of online marketing such as keywords, ad copy, ad formats, bids, positions, and landing pages.

How did we figure this all out? We have a staff of quantitative experts who build and constantly refine our algorithm to enhance results. And while this work happens behind the scenes, you have access to a team of marketing experts responsible for understanding your business and overseeing the success of your online marketing campaign.

Next step: Track Your Performance.