Medical Testimonials from Yodle Customers

Luxe Body Spa

My sales person at Yodle was straight and to the point, and I really appreciated that. He explained everything Yodle could do for our business and it sounded like it superseded anything we had tried. The cost was also so reasonable that I couldn't turn it down. In the first 30 days, we received 15 calls. In the 30 days after that we received 25. Now we receive over 30 calls a month. About 85% of the calls we get through Yodle turn into new business. Yodle gave us exactly what they promised us.

- Jeremiah Bridges : Luxe Body Spa

Holistic Medical Spa & Laser Center of Westchester

After just two months with Yodle, the center generated close to ten new patients, including one procedure that brought $8,000 to the practice. We show up in the first position on the search engines for a lot of different searches. That is huge. I absolutely adore my marketing consultant. She really cares about our business and understands our market. She took the time to learn the pace of our business, and can identify what potential patients are searching for in the area.

- Dr. Amarpreet Singh : Holistic Medical Spa & Laser Center of Westchester

Newbury Smiles

With Yodle, we generate anywhere from five to ten new patients every month. Its definitely more successful than any other marketing we've done. We have seen a 700% return on our investment from Yodles online marketing. We've been able to make additional investments in new machines. We've also hired more staff and given employees opportunities to participate in professional training programs.

- Dr. Sam Saadat : Newbury Smiles

Jacksonville Emergency Dental

Prior to signing up for the Yodle service I was unable to track the results of my marketing efforts (radio, direct mail, etc). The Yodle service started generating calls from the first week we used the service —and now I track can where Im spending my marketing dollars. Also the call recording feature has been especially helpful in fine tuning our message.

- Dr. Michael Thomasino : Jacksonville Emergency Dental

Alfa Dental

My sales representative and account manager have both have been very easy to work with, and made the transition to online marketing really easy for us. In just a few months, we've seen a 36% increase in business thanks to our new online strategy. In fact, Yodle generated more patients in one month than any other form of paid advertising we've previously used.

- Traci Williams : Alfa Dental

Doctors Express

I think its a good platform where franchisees can elevate their business in a way they wouldnt have been able to before.

- Andrea Countryman : Doctors Express

Ideal Image

During the test phase, we found an average return on investment of six to one. Beyond that, I also like that I always know that I have someone I can call. I never feel like Im without assistance. Additionally, all the information that the dashboard gathers - as far as the email address, the time of contact, all the contact information — I think that is whats most valuable to me. Then I can go and plug that into our CRM system, and see how it plays out from top to bottom.

- Jenny Beck : Ideal Image

Dental Care Alliance

Yodle has allowed us to set up individual campaigns for our individual offices to better target and market at the neighborhood level. As a result, every office is receiving more calls and emails and the average price per contact has decreased by 10%. Not only that but the conversion rate of our calls has improved.

- Shawn Wherry : Dental Care Alliance

DC Dental Spa

DC Dental Spa has been using Yodle for over two years and couldnt be happier with the results. Yodle consistently drives over 1,000 visits to their site and generates over 250 calls and emails each month. “Without Yodle I dont think our business would be growing the way it is,” explains Grace, “We always ask how clients find us and they say Internet searches.” In fact, Grace mentions that the practice usually receives about 65 new patients every month with Yodle, driving a great return on their investment. “We wanted to work on the Internet, but couldnt do it ourselves. Yodle provided everything we were looking for.”

- Grace Clay : DC Dental Spa