Legal Testimonials from Yodle Customers

The Grant Group

When Atlanta-based attorney Roslyn Grant opened her own family law practice she didnt have the money right away for a big budget marketing campaign, but she wanted to build out her practice. Once Roslyn had a marketing budget from referrals, she determined that online marketing was the best way to invest her money, but she was unimpressed by the options that she came across. Most of them were time-intensive and would take her away from focusing on her clients. When she heard from Yodle she learned about the full service online marketing solutions and signed up. “Yodle was different from other providers,” said Roslyn. “I knew that I wouldnt have to worry about my online marketing. Knowing Yodle managed it all was very appealing to me.” Almost immediately after signing up, Yodle began helping Roslyn grow her practice. Shes seen a significant increase in the number of calls for consultations—on average at least one a day. Nearly a quarter of them turn into new clients for her practice. Beyond the revenue Yodle has generated for her practice, Roslyn is happy that she can spend more time doing what she loves knowing that Yodle is taking care of the rest.

- Roslyn Grant : The Grant Group

McKinney & Associates, P.C.

Nathan McKinney started his family law practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado several years ago. Nathan needed to attract more family law clients in the area. He hired his friend Kelly, who had over 15 years of experience in advertising and marketing, to work on marketing for the practice two years ago. When Kelly started, McKinney & Associates had two lawyers and three paralegals. Nathan had done a lot of traditional advertising—print Yellow Pages, newspaper and magazine ads, and town classifieds—but most of his business came from referrals. Kelly understood that most people searched online for local services, so building an effective web presence for the firm was essential. However, with so many factors impacting search engine rankings and best practices constantly changing, Kelly decided to partner with an expert vendor. Since working with Yodle, McKinney & Associates had gone from averaging four to five new family law clients each month to 17 new clients a month. Since they began with Yodle about a year ago, the firm has taken on over 85 family law cases. With all of the new clients the firm generated through Yodle, the firm has hired two more lawyers and another paralegal to handle the additional cases. Kelly shares, “In a world with so much uncertainty, to find something like Yodle, which can be set up in days and work consistently each month—its a dream come true for a marketing director.”

- Kelly Kirkpatrick : McKinney & Associates, P.C.

Utah DUI Advocate

I have worked with Yodle for over a year now and have been very pleased with the strong results. Additionally, the Yodle dashboard helps me save time and know where my money is going, and my account reps are both attentive and helpful. Today I consistently refer Yodle to friends and peers alike.

- Phil Wormdahl : Utah DUI Advocate

Datta Law Group

I pull anywhere between 25 and 30 phone calls and emails a month with Yodle, which is really good. I can also keep track of incoming calls and appointments with Yodles dashboard. I really love it [the dashboard]. I always have it up on my computer.

- Gaurav Datta : Datta Law Group

Avantri Law

My conversion [lead to appointment] ratio is significantly higher than I thought it would be. Eighty percent of the leads Ive received from Yodle Law have become appointments. I also like that can see which leads Yodle Law generated and which of those turned into appointments. Its very shrewd of Yodle Law to have done that for their clients.

- John Hoffer : Avantri Law

Hogan-Kimrey, LLP

Yodle Law has positively impacted the entire direction and growth of Hogan-Kimrey LLP. Prior to working with Yodle Law, we used only direct mail and the phone book to advertise the firm. We now get a tremendous amount of leads and business via the Internet, primarily from people finding us on the first page of search engines, far more than through any other channel.

- Andre Hogan : Hogan-Kimrey, LLP

Law Offices of Natashia Sinckler

Working with Yodle Law has been a very positive experience. They produce consistently every single month. Im getting a lot more calls with Yodle Law as compared to my previous advertisers and they are much better quality calls and most of them convert into retaining clients. What I like best about Yodle Law is that I get clients from all around the Palm Beach area and they are clients who are typically ready to actually retain.

- Natashia Sinckler : Law Offices of Natashia Sinckler

Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton and Romano LLP

Yodles partnership with Google™ helps to enhance the product that is being delivered to us. The work that they've done has helped to make sure that the people that are coming to our page are people that are looking for representation in the area of law that we handle.

- Matt Funk : Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton and Romano LLP