Home Repair Testimonials from Yodle Customers

Quality Construction & Restoration

When Ryan Grover relocated Quality Construction and Restoration from Phoenix to San Antonio, he left his established referral network behind. “We were faced with starting from scratch to get new jobs and exposure for the business,” says Ryan, “We started with nothing.” With the last of his marketing budget, Ryan decided to try Yodle. In just the past 2 ? months Quality Construction and Restoration received over 85 calls and landed 10 to 15 new jobs. “Yodle has been a game-changer for our business,” says Ryan, “The smallest job we closed was for $2500 and that paid for Yodle more than two times over.” The business has continued to generate great buiness with Yodle, receiving jobs for $5600, $7000, $8000 and even $18,000.

- Ryan Grover : Quality Construction & Restoration

Go-Forth Pest Management, Inc.

We had done a lot of direct mail campaigns, vehicle wraps and some event promotions, but knew we had to really vamp up our site and get it out there for people to see. We decided Yodle would be the best company to do that for us. What I love most about them is that they not only optimized our website and placed it on the first page of the search engines, but that they can prove it to us. We can see every single call and email we receive from our marketing with Yodle, and so far these calls and emails turn into thousands of dollars in sales a month! I also like how we can see where these calls are coming from; it lets us know where we are targeting our advertising.

- Leah Hazelwood : Go-Forth Pest Management, Inc.

DFW Air Conditioning & Heating

I was referred to Yodle by a family member of mine who is also a business owner. He felt so strongly about me working with Yodle he even offered to pay for the campaign! The conversations I had with Yodle were great and everything I needed was taken care of -- it only took 15 minutes for me to get my first phone call! I've probably signed 25 clients in 6 months. I'm with Yodle -- I swear by them.

- Bill Schulz : DFW Air Conditioning & Heating

The Grout Doctor of Ventura County

It has been a real pleasure working with Yodle. They have been excellent in their response to my internet marketing needs and have exceeded my expectations. My return on investment of advertising dollars has been around 8/10 to 1. This is better than any other advertising program I have used and when changes to the website were needed to continue to get customers to call me, Yodle was quick to respond.

- Robert Eby : The Grout Doctor of Ventura County

Milton Frank Plumbing

Jessica Burden, Sales Manager at Milton Frank Plumbing Co., wanted to increase company revenue by marketing their more expensive services. Yodle built her a full online marketing solution, complete with an SEO-enhanced website, specifically targeted paid search campaigns, and business listings on the maps sections of Google™, Yahoo! and Bing. Plus, she got access to a reporting dashboard where should could view the results of her campaign any time, day or night. Jessica was thrilled with the outcome. “The results are really good,” she said. How good? As a result of Yodles targeted campaigns, the companys average sale price increased by about 75%. “Our average sale with Yodle is around $685. It used to be $350-450.” According to Jessica, the calls and emails Yodle generates convert into sales 20% of the time—about 10% higher than any other marketing channel shes used.

- Jessica Burden : Milton Frank Plumbing

J & J Fencing and Construction

Yodle built a clean, mobile-optimized website for Jesus Gonzalez, president of J & J Fence and Construction. His site was crafted with the absolute best in current SEO practices, and then advertised all over the web with a smart paid search strategy. Plus, Yodle made sure his business was listed on Google™, Yahoo! and Bing maps pages. With increased visibility across a vast network of relevant online sites and a reporting dashboard where he could track his marketing investment anytime, he was off and running. “In just the first month and a half we generated over $40,000 on a $2000 monthly budget,” says Jesus. “We get about 90 leads a month!” And he is just as pleased with the customer service as he is with his results. According to Jesus, Yodles customer service is, “wonderful, magnificent, amazing! Im very happy with Yodle.”

- Jesus Gonzalez : J & J Fencing and Construction

Lee's Tree Service

Lees Tree Service is run by Lee Martin, an arborist with over 25 years of experience. Yodle built Lee a paid search advertising campaign, complete with a professional website designed to convert his target prospects into paying customers. The campaign was specifically tailored around the tree services he provides, and ad copy was written to set him apart from his competition. Lee says business has increased substantially since he signed up with Yodle. “Yodle has probably increased business 70% since we started working with them. Were getting a lot of people calling and getting estimates.” He also believes Yodle has given him the edge he needed to compete in his tough market. “Its very competitive where were located,” he says, “so I know Yodle is getting me found where no other competitor is.”

- Lee Martin : Lee's Tree Service