Verified Testimonials from Yodle Customers

Is Yodle effective at delivering quality calls and emails? We'll let our small business clients tell you! These reviews of Yodle are from a number of our many happy customers in the medical, home repair, auto repair, and legal industries, as well as many of the other verticals that we serve, outlining how they've used us to grow their small businesses. These Yodle customer reviews and testimonials only tell part of the story. Please explore the rest of or call us at 888-755-3706 for more information about our local online marketing solutions.

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“Sales are up 267% compared to last year and that's attributable to Yodle. They're fantastic people.”

Insulation Contractor

As a licensed dealer of Icynene, Millers Insulation and Fireproofing was looking for an online marketing solution that would increase the amount of qualified prospects they received for spray foam insulation opportunities. Yodle built a robust online solution for the company with ads targeting this specific service. The campaign was a huge success, driving hundreds of qualified contacts with increasing quality each month. As planned, most of the calls and emails were inquiries about spray foam insulation. The Yodle team is so attentive and responsive,” says Jeanine Miller Barreras, the businesss Marketing Director. “They make sure Im advertising for the right services and getting the best possible results. I always know Yodle is working for me.”

- Jeannine Miller : Insulation Contractor

Junk Depot

Leo Guarente had a problem. His local business, Junk Depot, was having trouble competing against bigger names with bigger marketing budgets. “I was competing against companies like 1-800-Got-Junk and I just dont have the money to advertise like they do,” he said. Yodle built a targeted advertising solution that helped him make an impact on his local market without spending a fortune. The campaign generates 15 to 20 new jobs a month with Yodle, with jobs ranging from a few hundred to $1500. “Im very happy with what Yodles been able to do for my business,” says Guarente.

- Leo Guarente : Junk Depot

K&S Construction Dumpster

I received over 67 calls in just a few months and 70% of them have turned into business for me. I had 364 dumpster jobs before I used Yodle. A year after signing up, I had 1,024 dumpster jobs and Id say 600 of those were from Yodle. Yodle has been a huge thing for me.

- Darrell Kiker : K&S Construction Dumpster

Captain Clutter

Since working with Yodle, the number of leads Captain Clutter receives monthly has increased by 40%. We consistently receive over 35 leads a month from Yodle and many of them turn into new business. I expect to be with Yodle for the long-term.

- Phillip Kolb : Captain Clutter

Hair Extensions by Watani

Yodle really built up my site and gave it a great presence online. I know because I can track everything. What I really like about Yodle is that if I miss a call, they send me a notification by email so even if Im not around, I still know Im getting results! Also, the turnaround on changes is impressive. It normally takes only a couple of days to make changes. I even remember one time my account manager had made a change in a half hour! It was great!

- Watani North : Hair Extensions by Watani

Chyten of New Canaan

As a small business owner, it has been great working with Yodle for the past two months. I have been consistently impressed with the companys ability to generate leads that turn in to real business for me. Yodles local online advertising program is better than anything else Ive tried. Yodle makes the marketing process so easy. I can really see the return on my investment every time I get a call that becomes a client.

- Barbara Levine : Chyten of New Canaan

Southern Oaks Plantation

Yodle has exceeded my expectations, We are getting in front of people who may not have seen us before. We get about 15 to 20 calls a week. Everyone likes to log onto the dashboard and listen to the phone calls. It allows us to fine tune how we handle leads.

- Kyle Madorin : Southern Oaks Plantation

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios

I can log into Yodle Live anytime that I want to review calls with my staff, which saves thousands of dollars in training, There are plenty of competing SEO and PPC management companies, but they dont have the range or full service that Yodle has. Thats what I like about them.

- Kim Haidinger : Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios

EZ Computer Repair

My experience with Yodle so far has been great — I receive about 1 call every day from my Yodle marketing efforts and am closing about 60% of the calls I receive.

- Todd Alcock : EZ Computer Repair

Trademark Interiors

I have been with Yodle for just over a month and so far it has exceeded all of my expectations. The attention to detail and the level of service has been top rate. I began working with Yodle because they captured my attention from the very start with their very informative website. I thought that if they could add those qualities to my website, I would see an increase in phone calls. So far my theory has proven to be right!

- Paul DeFeris : Trademark Interiors


Yodle helped me do a much better job with my local online advertising campaign, and I got better results. 95% of my business comes in through Yodle. I am able to meet the changing needs of the market through Yodle. It has made a great impact on my business -- Yodle keeps me on top of my game.

- Philip Doyle : MaidPro

Mathnasium of Raleigh

Weve found that we get most of our leads through the internet or references, which makes the work with Yodle very valuable. The best thing about Yodle is that theyve been able to customize our lading page and our online marketing campaign. Yodle is very responsive to changes we need to make sure we get the best leads possible. Being able to listen to our calls and rate the quality is very important. Yodle helps us to make sure we are presenting ourselves to the world in a professional and effective manner.

- Denise McCann : Mathnasium of Raleigh

Two Men And A Truck

Yodle provides us a great internet marketing presence without requiring a ton of time to manage. We trust Yodle to make whatever adjustments are needed to our program and we just measure results.

- Rob Wallace : Two Men And A Truck