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Yodle opens Boston office

September 9, 2007

Boston, MA - Yodle, an online advertising firm for small businesses, said today that it opened its Boston office.

According to a press release, Yodle helps small businesses corner and attract consumers most likely to seek their services by targeting them through online advertising. The firm says it generates about 7,000 phone call leads per month for its clients, and that $1 invested in the company’s services leads to $8 in additional profit.

“We want to give the plumber in Milton and the dentist in Brookline an opportunity to reap the benefits of online advertising in a reliable and affordable way,” said Court Cunningham, Yodle’s chief executive. “There are millions of disenfranchised small businesses across the country, which means a huge opportunity for Yodle to help aggregate real leads and actual calls and use our unique technology in a way that maximizes the potential of the Web like no one else can.